We have all heard it many times, the quality of the finished paint project depends on the correct surface preparation!

Here at Paradise Painting, we make it a priority to properly prepare your surfaces before we begin to apply finish paint.

There are 3 key aspects to preparing the surface.

1.  Cleaning

2. Removing flaking paint, rust and corrosion

3. Repairing cracks, gaps and rotted surfaces

Starting your painting project; we thoroughly power wash the exterior to remove loose dirt, mold and mildew. Next we begin to scrape all loose materials and rust.  We patch the rotted areas, rust proof nail heads and caulk the gaps.  Priming depends on your surface, we can spot prime or full prime before we paint the finish coats.

Our quality system not only beautifies your home it protects it from the harsh elements in the tropical paradise we live in!

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